Department of Agricultural Engineering

Diploma in Agricultural Engineering was started in the year 2021. Diploma in Agriculture is a three year course that imparts knowledge about various forms of agriculture, livestock and crop management, agricultural extension, agricultural chemistry and more. Diploma in Agriculture is for candidates interested in agriculture and related research fields. Candidates get both academic and practical information about many agricultural topics. Genetics, soil science, seed production, horticulture, and dairy farming are covered in the Diploma in Agriculture programme.

This department is equipped with the following Laboratories.

  • Principles of Crop Production Practical
  • Surveying and Leveling Practical
  • Measurements and Metrology Practical
  • Mechanical Testing and Fluid Power Practical.
  • Machine Shop-I Practical (Lathe & Welding)
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing Practical
  • Electrical Drives and Control Practical
  • Tractor and its Power Units Practical
  • Process Automation Practical
  • Entrepreneurship & Startups
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Practical
  • Farm Machinery Practical
  • Machine Shop-II Practical (Milling & Grinding)
  • Project Work and Internship
  • This Diploma course is designed for students interested in agricultural studies who want to learn about many elements of farming, fertilizer, harvesting, food production, pesticide composition, etc.

    This course provides in-depth knowledge on various issues, including farmer challenges, remedies, and agricultural sector reform plans, among others. This training has a strong demand for career opportunities. Diploma in Agriculture graduates can work in both the public and private sectors in the country. Agriculture is considered one of the most stable industries in which to work.

    The candidates studying the course of Diploma in Agriculture have an extensive scope in the future. The Diploma in Agriculture course job scope involves Agronomist, Agricultural Inspector, Agricultural, Agricultural Officer, etc. The top companies that hire Diploma in Agriculture graduates are Agricultural Plantations, Government Agricultural Firms, Food Production Firms, Fertilizer Manufacturing firms, Government agricultural boards, etc.

    The programme places a strong emphasis on varied teaching approaches for both theoretical understanding and hands-on experiences, such as laboratory and field-based activities in above mentioned discipline and apply that knowledge to high value agricultural production in a sustainable manner.