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“To embark on a journey of success one needs the tools of preparedness foresight and strategy”. Welcome to DSPC, where excellence in education and student centered teaching are the main priorities

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Founded in the year 1994, by the trust has been in the forefront of providing high quality education in the region of Perambalur (an upcoming & yet-to-be-developed region of TamilNadu).

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Human resource is the only sustainable wealth of any country. Human resource development is a dynamic, proactive and planned process, which lays emphasis on individual need and behaviour.

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About the College

Today every industry is witnessing changes in technology constantly and as a result, there has been growing demand for trained personnel, designers and creators who can not only operate the machinery but also create innovative products. The courses offered by DSPC are very much suited for the growing needs and changing demands of industries. Thewe p students trained in these courses can aspire to land up with lucrative jobs worldwide. The courses are designed to equip the students with the latest technologies in the industry with special attention to give them a set of holistic skills that cover their attitude, skills and knowledge in technical, personal and organizational skills. Realizing the importance of communication skills Students are trained in Spoken English.

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